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Chart a New Course in Your Leadership

The tension that’s quivering beneath the surface in your work: between the right and almost-right thing — that's where you start a new leadership journey.

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are you ready to FOLLOW YOUR NORTH STAR?

Leadership is a relationship: to self, to others, and to a vision. All great leadership starts with self leadership.

Let's develop conviction in yourself, and your leadership—together.

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If you need individual support to grow your leadership skills, 1-on-1 coaching will get you further, faster. We'll co-create sustainable change in your professional development.

1:1 Coaching

In your corner

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A 90-minute virtual 1-on-1 session to help you tackle a single question, project, or challenge and get clarity and an action plan

Uncovery Session

get back on track

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Small group forums give founders and CxOs the opportunity to learn and grow with peers in a facilitated format. VC firms, accelerators, and orgs that have groups of founders can stand out by offering forums.

Founder Forums

FOR organizations

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If you're an investor or a leader in an entrepreneur support organization, you could benefit from a collaborator with an experienced perspective. Let's work together on your entrepreneur-facing programs.

For Teams

program strategY

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"Working with Cali gave me perspective that I didn't know I needed."



Do You Want to Create Conviction in Your Leadership?

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If you feel called to create more clarity and alignment in your leadership, but aren't sure where to start, please reach out — I'd love to chat.


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