An Uncovery Session is a 90-minute virtual experience designed to tackle a single question, project, decision, or challenge you’re wrestling with.

Together, we'll uncover what’s just beneath the surface—so you can orient to a clear purpose. You'll walk away from the session with delightful discoveries and a plan of action.

Uncovery Session


What one challenge, question or decision are you facing right now for which you could use a fresh approach? If you've derailed on your path, you can get back on track in a single session.

Tackle A Single Challenge

Gain a Fresh Perspective

As a leader, you know what it’s like to make decisions—but sometimes you need an external viewpoint and experienced thought partner to challenge and support you in getting clarity.

The Uncovery Session experience: 

Uncover Clarity—And Confidence

I'll lead you through provocative questions, hold a mirror up to the discoveries you're uncovering, and co-create the fieldwork you need so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

How It Works

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We'll spend our 90 minutes moving through questions, reflections, and fieldwork


Following our session, I'll send you a summary of notes, fieldwork, and additional resources


“Cali got me well and truly back on track. I went away, my energy levels up, fired-up again with a kickass plan for action.”

- Ian sanders, Creative Consultant & Author

- ian hathaway

"She inspires you to embrace your highest self and take action to fearlessly bring that person into the world."

They Say...

- BRYAN Moynihan

"Cali helped me think deeply about what matters to me in my work."

They Say...


"Cali is one of those people who has a sixth sense for getting to the heart of the matter."

They Say...

Who is an Uncovery Session right for?

It's for entrepreneurs and executives who need an experienced, external perspective on a challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what industry or role I'm in?

Nope! This is agnostic of industry and geography, and all about chemistry. If what I say on this site resonates with you, it can't hurt to reach out! 

What's the difference between an Uncovery Session and coaching?

A Session is a one-off experience intended to give you perspective and clarity on a single challenge you’re wrestling with.

In contrast, coaching is oriented to your growth and development through ongoing coaching sessions. My approach to coaching is to help you clarify and fulfill on your commitments as a leader and a human.

What will I get out of an Uncovery Session?

You'll get more clarity and a new perspective on the challenge you're facing plus fieldwork that entails next steps, resources and/or strategy.

Can a 90-minute conversation really be that impactful?

If you show up with curiosity & openness, then yes, I'm confident we'll uncover a lot in our session!

Can I schedule more than one Session?

You bet.

Can I work with you as a coach after our Session?

Of course! The Session will give you a taste of what it's like to work together. If you'd like to learn more about coaching, send me a note.

Surface What's Invisible 

Sometimes all you need to unlock your genius is a curious co-conspirator who isn't afraid to ask provocative questions and be a mirror for the insight and creativity arising within you.

I believe that a lifetime of insight can be unearthed in a single conversation. I believe epiphanies can show up in the flash of a moment. We'll partner for an intentional, focused experience to get you further down the path of where you're going.

Your creaTIVITY and vision for better leadership is hidden just beneath the surface 

Learn more about the process and investment for an Uncovery Session, share about the challenge you're facing, and I'll be in touch with next steps.

Let's Uncover What's Next

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