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If you're leading your own company, team, or program, I can help you gain clarity and alignment in your work. I combine 15+ years of experience of on-the-ground leadership work in the tech startup world with rigorous development coach training to support you in up-leveling your leadership — and your results. 

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All leadership starts from within. To lead yourself requires you to ask hard questions, get a bit (or a lot) uncomfortable, and make commitments to try new ways of moving in work and life.

Leaders who live according to their values can make clear, confident decisions and develop conviction in their work. If you're reading these words, there's something calling you to shift, to make a new choice, to chart a new course.

Leading anything is hard: a program, a team, a company. The hardest thing you'll ever lead, though, is yourself. 

You're in the right place.

Cali opened my eyes to some inner truths that I was covering up with a "work harder" mentality. She helped identify and open up those feelings in a way that worked for me.


got CLARITY & perspective:


Before working with Cali, I was spending a lot of time juggling individual and managerial responsibilities and finding myself caught up in the "I'll just work harder" mentality, which was starting to burn me out. Cali helped me lean into my new managerial responsibilities and more easily hand off some of the individual contributor work that I was grasping onto so tightly.


real results

Ways to Work Together

A live 6-week virtual program that will get you crystal-clear on your core values and empower you to apply them in your work and life.


If you need individual support on your big goals or getting unstuck, an Uncovery Session or 1-on-1 coaching will get you further, faster. 


If you're a VC or leading an entrepreneur support organization, let's collaborate to align your program designs and management


“Work, among all its abstracts, is actually intimacy, the place where the self meets the world.”

— david whyte

Individual Coaching

I've been where you are: stuck and wanting more. I've danced in the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation for the last 18 years. I'm the coach in your corner, here to provoke your growth, offer perspective & insight, and help you uncover the leadership that's already growing within you.

If you need individual support on your goals and getting unstuck in your career, 1-on-1 coaching will get you further, faster


You're looking for tailored leadership support in an one-on-one, ongoing basis.


Uncovery Session

Feel like you’re pushing on a string when it comes to a big goal? Perhaps you’re stuck or plateaued? Maybe you have several options in front of you, but don’t know how to choose the best path amongst several great options? This session will help you uncover what’s just beneath the surface, leading to discovery of what’s most important to you.

A 90-minute virtual 1-on-1 session designed to help you tackle a single question, project, or challenge and get clarity and an action plan


You want a one-off session to get clarity on a specific issue you're wrestling with 


Coaching Circle

The RISE Circle is a live, virtual experience designed for leaders of all types to get clear on your core values and learn how to apply your values to your work. The facilitated group format fosters deep learning and connection to other leaders who are on a similar development path as you.

RISE is a small group, 6-week coaching experience to get crystal clear on your core values & apply them to your leadership


You thrive by learning with others in a live format, with a tangible result at program's end


For Teams

Maybe you've built a decent program, but it's lacking oomph. Or you're designing a new program to serve founders, and need to ensure it serves both them and your organizational goals. This is where I come in: I'm your program design secret weapon. I bring a seasoned view of entrepreneurial ecosystems to your program.

If you could benefit from having a collaborator with an experienced, 360-degree perspective of entrepreneurial ecosystems 


You run an organization that supports entrepreneurs & you need program design help


What They Say

"She inspires you to embrace your highest self and take action to fearlessly bring that person into the world."

Cali has a gift for seeing the potential in others that they don't yet see themselves. She lives with integrity, honesty, empathy, and courage. Her ability to connect deeply with others spreads those virtues, making everyone around her better. I know this from personal experience. My compass is pointing truer north because of Cali.


"Knowing my values has made it easier for me to be human in my work."

After uncovering my values, I had clarity. I now feel empowered when making decisions. It's like everything feels easier because I can ask the question, "Does this align with my values?" I also have a better understanding of myself and why I show up in the world the way I do. 


change management consultant


Tech operations & strategy

"Cali helped me think deeply about what matters to me in my work."

When I met Cali, I was in the process of making a major career change. I didn't know exactly how to think about my skill set and how it would translate in the industry I was targeting. She really helped me analyze the transferability of my skills and think deeply about what matters to me in my work. After working with her, I shifted my approach to recruiting and messaging with potential employers, and it made a meaningful difference in my process. I can't speak highly enough of Cali and her thoughtful approach to coaching!