Leadership forums empower founders and startup CxOs to connect with peers to build trusted relationships, problem solve together, and perform better. If you're an investor or run an entrepreneur-supporting organization, this is for you.

Leadership Forums for Founder Cohorts


Venture firms, accelerators, studios & organizations that support cohorts of founders

Design & delivery of facilitated forums, virtual or in-person



Providing an intentionally designed forum experience to your cohorts — organized by stage of company, industry, or other affinity — strengthens both individual leaders and your portfolio.

Differentiate Your Organization

Increase Founder Success

Leadership is rarely taught and usually learned trial-by-fire. Founders have a better chance at leading with authenticity and conviction when they have meaningful experiences with peers. And founder success leads to portfolio success.


"Cali is matchless in terms of coalescing a set of strangers into a high-functioning group.

— charles fred,
ceo of truespace

We'll design a forum experience

Forum design matters. It's one thing to pull people together in a room and hope for the best. It's another thing to design intentional conversations aligned to your organization's or firm's goals. We'll work together to craft forum themes and topics that will be most relevant to your cohort of leaders.

I'll facilitate trust-based experiences

I focus on establishing trust as the foundation of any forum. I bring a coach's approach to evoking growth and facilitator's skill to lead a conversation with every voice heard. Forums should be a safe space for leaders to bring their deepest leadership questions and challenges to their peers.

We'll measure, refine and adapt

Most forums fall flat after a handful of sessions. I prioritize refining and adapting to the needs of the group through regular participant feedback. As their needs evolve, so does the forum design. As your organization's programming or thesis evolve, so does the forum design. Dynamic design is the difference between founders showing up to an obligatory session, and them co-creating long-term leadership change for themselves and their peers.


Real Results

"I’ve met few leaders who build trust more effectively than Cali."

The word I would use to describe her support is… Impact. Her work and leadership, helping us create our national Member Community of CEOs, is matchless in terms of coalescing a set of strangers into a high-functioning group.


CEO, Truespace

"Cali is a trusted facilitator who intuitively understands the needs of founders."

Working with Cali allowed us to double the amount of founders in our program and deliver value and emotional support to them. She expertly moderated and facilitated each session to make sure all voices were heard. Cali was praised for her insights, perspective, listening skills, and professionalism. Additionally, founders appreciated that she asked the hard questions!


Founder programs, mercury





Starting at $7,500 for design, delivery & ongoing facilitation

We'll co-create the themes for your cohort, taking into account your program or portfolio goals.

•  Forum design: arguably the most important step
•  All logistics: scheduling, pre-work, follow-ups
•  Expert facilitation: virtually or in-person
•  Surveying & feedback during and after the forum

If you have an in-house team, I can train them to facilitate and co-design the forums with them.

In-person facilitation available local to Boulder & Denver. Available to travel.

Starting at $2,500 for
design, training & templates

I coach founders and startup leaders individually and in small group settings. I welcome the big, difficult conversations that happen in peer group experiences.

In addition to my training and experience as a professional coach, a 15+ year background gives me a 360° view of the startup world:

✓   First employee of a startup 
✓   8-ish years with Techstars
✓   Ran startup programs for under-served founders
✓   Designed VC platforms
✓   Scouted founders & mentors for a startup studio
✓   Connected corporations with startups 
✓   Built a university entrepreneurship program
✓   Ran ecosystem programs with state & country-level governments

I've coached & facilitated 275+ CEOs and founders in forum experiences


Whether you're clear on the type of support you need or you aren't sure where to start — let's hop on a call.

I can guarantee a great conversation, a perspective on your founder cohorts and some fun thrown in too!

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