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If you're looking for tailored leadership support in a one-on-one, ongoing basis, coaching can get you where you need to grow. I'm the coach in your corner, here to provoke your growth, offer perspective & insight, and help you uncover the leadership that's already growing within you.

1-on-1 coaching

If you're feeling stalled—in your leadership and in uncovering what's next—you can get unstuck. When the leadership books, podcasts & endless articles aren't getting you where you want to go, coaching can put you on a new path.

You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How It Works

Let's have a no-pressure call to learn more about each other & discover if we're a great fit


We'll schedule virtual sessions (from 2x/month to weekly); rates available on a sliding scale here


During our sessions, we'll co-create impactful fieldwork that you practice with between sessions


Six years ago, I was stalled out, unclear about the next step in my career.

I knew I wanted to level-up in a big way. I wanted more responsibility, better compensation, and clearer connection to my purpose. I didn't know whether that meant staying in the role I was in or finding a new job.

Eventually, I worked with a leadership coach, and it changed everything for me. 

I now combine my deep experience in tech startups with rigorous leadership development training to help you gain clarity and conviction in your career.

i can help because i've been there


You're Ready for Coaching If...

YOU WANT TO GET clear on your life's work

The tension that’s quivering beneath the surface: between knowing and not-knowing, between the right and almost-right thing — that's where your most fulfilling work is.

YOU WANT TO communicate more clearly

You can make your goals, requests, and vision in your work crystal clear — to yourself, first of all, and to your team and other folks around you. 

YOU WANT TO up-level your leadership skills

Your skills as a leader are not static. You're evolving, whether or not you're intentional about that change. Let's partner to create a plan for your leadership development.

“Cali has been instrumental in helping me plan and design my preferred work life.”


Deep insight into your leadership style—what's helping & hurting you

How does this sound?

A clear action plan, called fieldwork, at the end of each coaching session



the results you're going to get:

Progress toward your most important goals through committed action


Clearer communication with your leadership team and direct reports


Ongoing learning about yourself that leads to easier decision-making


How does this sound?

What They Say

"She inspires you to embrace your highest self and take action to fearlessly bring that person into the world."

Cali has a gift for seeing the potential in others that they don't yet see themselves. She lives with integrity, honesty, empathy, and courage. Her ability to connect deeply with others spreads those virtues, making everyone around her better. I know this from personal experience. My compass is pointing truer north because of Cali.


"Knowing my values has made it easier for me to be human in my work."

After uncovering my values, I had clarity. I now feel empowered when making decisions. It's like everything feels easier because I can ask the question, "Does this align with my values?" I also have a better understanding of myself and why I show up in the world the way I do. 


change management consultant


Tech operations & strategy

"Cali helped me think deeply about what matters to me in my work."

When I met Cali, I was in the process of making a major career change. I didn't know exactly how to think about my skill set and how it would translate in the industry I was targeting. She really helped me analyze the transferability of my skills and think deeply about what matters to me in my work. After working with her, I shifted my approach to recruiting and messaging with potential employers, and it made a meaningful difference in my process. I can't speak highly enough of Cali and her thoughtful approach to coaching!

"Working with Cali gave me perspective that I didn't know I needed."

ANDY Gained new insights

Before working with Cali, I'd tried all the usual suspects... I read the books, listened to the podcasts, always reading the latest blog posts, but it didn't really sink in until we started verbalizing some of the problems I was up against. She has a cool, calm demeanor and isn't afraid to ask probing questions where it's warranted. Through her questioning, I found myself stumbling onto "aha moments" that I would've never gotten to if I would've stopped at the books. Cali opened my eyes to some inner truths and feelings that I was covering up with a "work harder" mentality.

Everyone should have a coach and Cali is exceptional on a number of fronts. Her deep experience in the tech startup scene makes it easy for her to relate to most scenarios and her calming personality make it easy to just straight into the deep end. I wish I would've started years ago! 

Is This Right For You?

you feel stuck & stalled

it's tough to make big decisions

you want to communicate more clearly

You're tired of slow personal growth

you're ready to uplevel your leadership

a little about my experience

I've spent the last 18 years working in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. From being a first employee at an early stage social impact startup, to leading programs at Techstars, to designing an entrepreneurship program at the University of Colorado, to consulting with VCs, accelerators, studios, and more, I have a 360-degree view of the startup ecosystem and the many roles of its leaders.

Startup Ecosystem Vet

Certified Coach

I've earned my coaching education through Presence Based Coaching, a rigorous coach training that takes a pragmatic approach to leadership development. The program blends the fields of mindfulness, somatics, developmental psychology, complexity theory, leadership, and interpersonal neurobiology in order to equip coaches and leaders. I'm an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Let's have a 30-minute discovery call. We'll chat about the coaching process and what coaching could do for your life's work. I can't wait to meet you.

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