Program Design for Investors &
Entrepreneur Support Organizations 

Your accelerator, incubator, or investing firm is designing a new program or scaling an existing program. And you're feeling stuck. Maybe you've built a decent founder-focused program, but it's lacking oomph. Or you're designing a new program and need to ensure it meets entrepreneurs' actual needs. This is where I come in: I'm your program design secret weapon.  I bring a seasoned, 360-degree view of entrepreneurial ecosystems to your program strategy.


I take a people-first and systems thinking approach to assessing and designing programs. The programs that sustain are aligned closely to your organization's mission and goals.

Aligned to Your Strategy

A Seasoned Perspective

We'll solve complex problems through asking tough questions & uncovering your program's needs. I bring an external viewpoint to help connect resources, people & programs in a fresh way. 

let's collaborate: 

Your Innovation DJ

Like a DJ, I'll take data, materials, & insights and remix them into something aligned to your program goals. We won't waste what you already have, but we won't shy away from new approaches.

Program User Resesarch

Before you design your entrepreneurship-focused program, do you really understand the needs of your users? I can dive deep with the founders, mentors, investors, and startups you work with, developing an in-depth assessment through 1-on-1 interviews, surveys, and user research.

Program Assessments & Roadmaps

Programs should evolve. With regular, in-depth assessments, you can understand what is and isn't working in your current startup program. And if you're designing a brand new program, an assessment will prepare you for a purpose-aligned program launch. With a comprehensive, insights-driven assessment in hand, we will co-develop a living roadmap.

Program Playbooks & Guides

Effective startup-focused programs are resilient: they can handle pivots while maintaining purpose. Everyone involved in your program influences its success: founders, investors, program leaders, employees, and partners. The best way to get these folks on the same page is through program playbooks and guides. But not the static, one-size-fits-all type of documents we all loathe. Instead, we will co-design scalable, flexible playbooks that keep your program (and people) on track.

Program design services:

Real Results

"Cali generates work products at that rare intersection of clear communication, disciplined thought and new insights."

She brings value to every engagement, whether we need a new process, product or campaign. Cali has a seasoned and enthusiastic approach to her work, which is hard to find elsewhere.


Managing partner, saoradh

"Cali is one of those people who has a sixth sense for seeing past the minutiae and getting to the heart of the matter."

She never ceases to amaze me how she is able to step in and step up at just the right time, in just the right way, and by saying just the right things. Her spirit of collaboration was an asset in pushing our cross-functional team forward.


Author, more than my title

"Her soft skills are second to none."

Cali is a tremendous asset to any team, particularly in the dynamic, fast-paced environment of a startup. Not only does she bring strategic thinking, creativity, and attention to detail to her work, but she is also a pleasure to work with.



The reason I can design an effective, holistic program strategy for your entrepreneur-facing organization is precisely because I work closely with founders and startup leaders on a day to day basis. 

My 15+ year background gives me a 360° view of the startup world:

✓   First employee of a startup 
✓   8-ish years with Techstars
✓   Ran startup programs for under-served founders
✓   Designed VC platforms
✓   Scouted founders & mentors for a startup studio
✓   Connected corporations with startups 
✓   Built a university entrepreneurship program
✓   Ran ecosystem programs with state & country-level governments

I approach program design with a focus on the leadership of your program and your organization.

Does it seem a bit unexpected that I offer program strategy services on a site dedicated to leadership development? 


Whether you're clear on the type of support you need or you aren't sure where to start — let's hop on a call.

I can guarantee a great conversation, a perspective on your program strategy, and some fun thrown in too!

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