Knowing your core values is the key to clarity

Knowing your core values is the key to clarity

Uncovering your core values—your principles for decision-making—will give you ease and confidence in your work and life.  

do you know your core values?

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The RISE Circle is a live, virtual experience designed for leaders of all types to get clear on their core values and learn how to apply those values in their work.

The facilitated group format fosters deep learning and connection to other leaders who are on a similar development path as you.

This program is a great fit for you if you thrive by learning with others in a live format with a tangible result at program's end.

A Small Group Coaching Experience

Ready for your leadership to change?

Uncovering, naming, and applying your values in your leadership and life is the path to making confident decisions, infusing ease to difficult conversations, and creating clarity in what you want.


The RISE Coaching Circle

This module is the foundation of the RISE experience. You’ll learn what values really are and why they matter. You’ll discover how values can help you make decisions in your career. 

This module takes you through a process of self inquiry to reflect on the pivotal moments in your career & life.

Here's What You'll Learn



The value of values

Uncover your values

This module teaches you how to apply your values in your leadership, including goal-setting, decision-making, and creating clear purpose in your life’s work.


Your values at work

This module takes you through a step-by-step process to uncover, name & define your core values. By the end of this modeule, you’ll be crystal clear on your values framework.


Your values framework


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